Exclusive Upgrade & Protection

At Cycle Springs, we love our vehicles and vessels! We are constantly looking for ways to add protection from the harshness of the elements, add comfort and to enjoy the overall experience of riding even more, so we have created our Salt Series!

Read more about the different ways you can upgrade your purchase with options created by and found ONLY AT THE SPRINGS!


External Engine Protection at Cycle Springs Powersports

External Engine Protection

Protect the outside of your watercraft engine with our industry exclusive engine protection system! Mid-pressure rail system with customized spray heads is used to coat, rinse lubricate and protect all engine bay components from condensation, humidity and saltwater exposure. Easy access port and refillable cartridge to save money, time and to increase the longevity of your vessel.

Internal Engine Protection at Cycle Springs Powersports

Internal Engine Protection

Professionally installed fogging port for protection of the engine's cylinder wall, valves, and pistons against internal corrosion. Fogging for storage and saltwater usage is recommended by all manufacturer bulletins. The installed port provides easy access to ensure continued warranty engine coverage.

Pop-up Cleat

Hull Protection

Custom designed and manufactured pop up stainless steel cleats are installed allowing secure docking to protect your watercraft. Specially designed installation process to ensure proper fit and strength for long-lasting usage.


Misting System

Personal Misting System

Remote controlled personal misting system refreshes with a touch of a button. Flush mounted mid pressure spray nozzles are strategically positioned to create a cool and relaxing fine mist.

Internal Engine Protection

PWC Underseat Storage

Hand laid fiberglass under seat compartment for additional storage and other heavy items for increased storage capacity for your PWC. (Currently only available on VX models).


Fuel Injection Treatment

Fuel Injection Treatment

With the replacement of carburetors with electronic injection systems, it is vital to service, clean, and maintain your fuel injection system. To optimize performance, fuel economy and reliability, Cycle Springs offers a state of the art computerized fuel injection flow and cleaning process. For just a small charge you can make sure your vehicle/vessel is running optimally when you need it and eliminate hard starting, surging, poor fuel economy and excessive wear on internal components.

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