2018 Sea-Doo SPARK 3up 900 H.O. ACE

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The Sea-Doo SPARK is the most affordable watercraft on the market and makes your family’s dream of great days on the water possible right now. It is playful, easy-to-ride and easy to tow with a small car. Whether you like to cruise in pairs or hit the water in threes, the Sea-Doo SPARK is available in 2up or 3up configurations. The Rotax 900 ACE engine is the most fuel-efficient engine on the market, using just 1.94 US gal. (7.34 l) of fuel per hour the higher-horsepower, faster-accelerating Rotax 900 HO ACE uses just 2.4 US gallons per hour. Both are compact, lightweight and deliver immediate acceleration. Get more control with our exclusive Intelligent Brake and Reverse (iBR) system. Add the Front Storage Bin Kit to bring along your personal belongings and make reboarding easier with the Sea-Doo Step. Plus, enjoy added security with the anti-theft key. This innovative and impact resistant material reduces the weight of the Sea-Doo SPARK to deliver peak performance. Plus, the color-in molding makes it more scratch-resistant than fiberglass. Add a custom Attitude Graphic Kit to make your Sea-Doo SPARK even more distinctive. It’s a unique customization option nobody else offers. Choose between a faster or a smoother acceleration thanks to the Sport mode available with the Rotax 900 HO ACE engine and the Touring mode available on all models. This technology prevents corrosive saltwater and damaging debris from entering the engine, for increased reliability and peace of mind.
Other features: Available in a choice of 3 colors and over 25 Graphic kits

SEATING      2up                                      2up % 3up
WEIGHT CAPACITY      352 lb                           450 lb
ROTAX 900 ACE                                      ROTAX 900 HO ACE
REVERSE SYSTEM    Manual Reverse Kit (opt)           Electronic iBR (opt) or Manual Reverse Kit (opt)
FUEL TYPE    87 octane                              87 octane
INTAKE SYSTEM    Naturally aspirated                Naturally aspirated
FUEL CAPACITY    7.9 US gal                         7.9 US gal 
LENGTH (BUMPER TO BUMPER)    110"   / (2up)         120" / (3up)
WIDTH    46" 
WEIGHT (DRY)  405 lb / (2up)                       421 lb / (3up)
iBR and Convenience Package Plus add 21 lb.
STORAGE CAPACITY    GLove box: 0.42 US gal         With opt. Front Storage Bin Kit: 7.42 US gal

EXOSKEL:     Is a minimalist architecture that keeps only the essential structural parts in the front section. It reduces the weight while creating a strong, modern and cutting-edge design that defines the unique and playful nature of the Sea-Doo SPARK.

POLYTEC:     Is a recyclable, low density and scratch resistance material that includes polypropylene and long glass fiber reinforcements. It was designed for hull and deck applications to maintain the structural integrity of the watercraft under stress while providing light yet durable parts to support the construction of the product.

iTC (INTELLIGENT THROTTLE CONTROL) SYSTEM:    Fly-by-wire system that works electronically (no cables) to transfer the input from the throttle lever to the engine. It’s a more responsive and precise throttle control that generates better engine calibration and fuel consumption. It also allows for different riding modes like the sport mode that’s available with the Rotax 900 HO ACE engine and it’s activated by pressing the button under the cluster for 3 seconds.

D-SEA-BEL SYSTEM:   Combines a series of resonators and vibration-absorbing components to make Sea-Doo watercraft some of the quietest on the water.

CLOSED-LOOP COOLING SYSTEM:    Uses coolant to keep the engine running at the ideal temperature, much like a car’s radiator. Also keeps out corrosive saltwater and debris.

INTERACTIVE MULTIFUNCTION DIGITAL INFORMATION CENTER:    Touring mode, Sport mode (HO engine), Fuel level, Tachometer, Speedometer, Hour meter.

STAINLESS STEEL IMPELLER:    Delivers improved acceleration, higher top speed and less cavitation.

SEATING CAPACITY:   Two options: 2up or 3up (for those looking for more room and watersports capabilities). For 2 or 3 persons, the slim seat allows riders to have more mobility and freedom of movement on the watercraft.

ENGINE Two options:     Rotax 900 ACE (2up only) or Rotax 900 HO ACE. This is an 899 cc four-stroke engine, with three cylinders in-line and four valves per cylinder. It allows for the creation of the most compact and lightweight engine on the market. Built with the acclaimed Advanced Combustion Efficiency technology it’s also the most fuel-efficient watercraft in the industry¹ while still delivering excellent power-to-weight ratio.

iBR (INTELLIGENT BRAKE & REVERSE SYSTEM) AND CONVENIENCE PACKAGE PLUS:      It includes the first and only true brake on a watercraft recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard for improving boating safety since 2009. The intuitive iBR allows you to stop sooner for greater peace of mind. All with the squeeze of a lever. And with its electronic reverse, it gives you a level of maneuverability that makes docking easier. 
You also get the Reboarding Step, Front Storage Bin Kit and RF D.E.S.S. Key (Radio Frequency Identification).

WARRANTY:    BRP limited warranty covers the watercraft for one year.

We offer lifetime Engine Warranty.
No Risk Extended Warranties.
50% Off Service Plans.
Employee pricing on all gear and accessories the day of sale.
Financing for everyone.
Trade ins accepted.

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